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7th May 2019


On this episode, we have S.Ladybug aka Shantell with us to talk about her yarn movement initiative and all of the other amazingness that she has done up to this point. The episode begins with the Ayesha Curry controversy (5:20) - was she fair or foul? Next we dive into s.ladybug’s history, beginning with how Priest D knows her. We cover her college education (30:00), working for Sony, NIH and Def Jam (43:00), and how crocheting became her saving grace (51:30). We also get into the humanitarian work that she is doing in Africa around her crocheting (56:30), how she got started in it and why she is so passionate about it. We end on a personal note by getting into relationships and how she manages her relationships given all the amazing things she is involved in (1:30:00). Please subscribe, rate and review.  To support S.Ladybug's "Believe in What You Dream" International Empowerment Tour to East Africa this summer, where she will be working with 300 young girls, helping to make their dreams come true, then go to her website and donate. Website - https://donate.yarnmovement.com/biwyd IG - @s.ladybugofficial --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/2-dudes-and-a-chick/message
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