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5th Sep 2018

Ep 6: TrapxArt

On this episode of 2 Dudes and a Chick, we are at the TrapxArt media event in Oakland, CA interviewing up and coming Bay Area artist. Our first interview is with Asha of HoneyChokers (1:03), followed by Bro Adisa (10:00), Bro Jamar of DRIPS - Dreams Revealed in Purpose & Struggle (24:50), Bro DeRa of the Stay Woke! Podcast (56:22), Bro James Binder III (1:16:05) and Bro Mateo and Eddie of Lotta ENT (1:28:06). We also were able to sit down with the founder of Trap Art, Bro Jesse and Sis Amina, who tell us how Trap Art got started and what its all about (41:40). As a bonus you can hear the interview with King Tahoe that Dr. Ij didnt record - somebody please help Dr. Ij get it together - at the very end of the episode. Jesse & Amina - IG: trapxart - Website: www.trapxart.com Asha - IG: honeychokers - Website: Etsy.com/shop/honeychokers Adisa - IG: adisa_ayo Jamar - IG: humble.sav & drips.site - Location: BayFair Mall - San Leandro, CA DeRa - IG: staywokepodcastwithdera James Binder III - IG: jb3paints - Website: ugawd.com Mateo & Eddie - IG: lottaworldwide & lottaent King Tahoe - IG: kingtahoe --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/2-dudes-and-a-chick/message
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