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11th Mar 2019

Instant Millionaire B

On this episode, we have Uncle LJ, aka GREAT and his wife Aunty Gloria, aka Glowdine dropping knowledge and wisdom as we review the book “Instant Millionaire.” Aunty Gloria starts us off by recapping THE BIG BREAKFAST and our introduction to the book (6:20). From there, after Priest D takes credit for having an Instant Millionaire mindset, the episodes dives into the book and our general thoughts, opinions, ideas that have come after reading the book. Uncle GREAT, shares his insights about wealth and shares his story about going to college and becoming an accountant (19:30). Tiff discusses one of the more important themes of the book for her, The Power of Words, while Priest D chimes in to give her help (51:45). Priest D talks about the Power of Asking, as he gives himself another aka (1:01:00). Both the Power of Words and Power of Asking themes leads to a powerful discussion about understanding and discovering your worth. We end with Aunty Gloria sharing some words about budgeting, becoming debt free and leveling up (1:38:00). Shout out to DJ Amp 1 for providing the beat for us this week and shout out again to Uncle Great for blessing the mic. Please remember to subscribe, rate and review our podcast, as well as share with a friend. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/2-dudes-and-a-chick/message
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