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25th Mar 2019

Tiff's Joe Budden Voice

On this episode, Tiff reminds us that she is back and in full effect as she helps reel Priest D back in on his opening freestyle and aka introductions. We look out towards summer vacation and whether or not we’re “cruise ready” (11:00). Btw, are you supposed to buy all new clothes for vacations? Also, is Disneyland the cleanest place on earth? The crew also get into their vacations as kids, where they went, who they went with and what they did (40:10). Priest D talks about how his sons responded to seeing two guys dance with each other on J Lo’s show and asks Tiff and Dr. Ij for advice on how to adjust his approach on teaching his children about same sex relationships (51:00). The crew really deep dive into some of Priest D’s fears and misunderstandings as he tries to evolve in order to be a better role model for his children. The conversation expands to incorporate race and colorism as Tiff highlights for the guys how our children’s attitudes towards other people are readily being shaped by what they hear and see in us. We end the episode with Tiff’s roundup (1:25:00). In this week’s roundup we are talking LHHNY and Rich Dollaz and Joe Budden losing their mind over Erica Mena. Spoiler alert - Tiff thinks Joe Budden was doing WAY too much. Please remember to subscribe, rate and review our podcast, as well as share with a friend. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/2-dudes-and-a-chick/message
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